Welcome Home Workshop

I recently attended my very first photography workshop EEEEEEEK and I must admit..I was a tad nervous!  I walked in not knowing what to expect or what I was really there for & then I was hugged...for a VERY long time but you know what...it was kinda awesome!  

It was such a supportive environment, we all laughed & cried and it was amazing! We talked some business but it felt much more that that.  I felt like I belonged there with everyone.   So yes..it was a photography workshop but it was about getting to know each other, getting to know ourselves and getting down to who we are, what inspires us, what we love, who we love and our why.....

Welcome Home is about being honest, staying inspired..a fire in your belly and a better understanding of who you are as an artist....and I certainly did just that! 

I also took some shots of the very lovely Lianne & Matt that I'd love to share with you all.