Snowys Big Adventure

It was Sonnys turn to have Snowy home from school (JOY) This snow leopard is the schools adopted pet and my boy was pretty excited to have him for the weekend.   We had to document his time with in true Nicola form, that's exactly what I did! Sonny wanted pics of EVERYTHING we done with him and I obviously couldn't print off EVERYTHING for Snowys he gets a blog! :-) 

Sonny wanted to take him along to our favourite pet shop, a little furniture shop (because Kael had to pee) and then to the play park in Old Rayne on Saturday.  

It was Haddo House then Barra Berries for ice cream today but the kids were driving me insane by the end of the day that I happily kept my camera in the bag while I stuffed my face with ice cream (that we waited 30 mins for) all while Fern screamed the place down and watching Kael cry all over his tub because he ordered strawberry ice cream and he's a vanilla guy (I did remind him) It was an awesome day!'s been a blast!