Jodi & Matthew - 8th April 2017

I popped along to Pittodrie House hotel on a very hot, sunny Saturday to meet Jodi on her wedding day to capture a relaxed morning of a bride preparing to get married.  I wanted to get every little detail & document everything for her. I also met her beautiful little girl and her sister Michelle & I felt very welcomed.

It's always funny when I tell people to "just pretend I'm not here" or "just get on and relax" when you know that they won''s impossible to pretend that I'm not hanging about with a big camera but they did, they relaxed...& I found myself chatting away like I had known them for years! 

Jodi was chilled out, Michelle seemed cool and the little princess was full of excitement.  I felt really lucky to be there with them.  

Gradually the room began to fill up with more family members and her brother arrived to get ready to give his sister away, I got to cuddle her beautiful baby boy...I could feel the love of an amazing family and I wanted to document everything around me.  

The ceremony was beautifully emotional and I was very privileged to have been there to witness such a special day.  This wedding will always be with me.

I've captured memories that will last a lifetime.

To Jodi, Matthew & Family xx